relationships, short and long term

A repository of selected work with my collaborators over the years

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Mile Zero Dance, A decade of annual publications: My more exciting work comes from my 10+ year relationship with Mile Zero Dance. This folder contains an archive of the annual publication. Some are stronger than others but I find it meaningful to see how the organization and I grew together creatively and technically.

Mile Zero Dance, Recent Work: Here is some recent work done for the organization such as posters and social media video posts. Some fun poster series!

UNEP-CITES & UNDP N-Peace: UNEP-CITES World Wildlife Day 2021, focusing on Indigenous Peoples, the forests and biodiversity they protect. I’ve provided documentation of the development progress and final work. Also included are materials for the UNDP N-Peace program that brings women to peace talks tables in Southeast Asia

Aesthetic Syllabi samples: As mentioned in my research. Also includes snapshots of our analog work in progress.

Other Posters/Graphic-Based Work: You will find my annual work with the C’mon Festival, Helsinki Night Market and older work done for Edmonton’s Fringe Festival. Also included is a small booklet celebrating Vancouver’s South Asian women’s history is also included.

Branding Guides and material: Some branding guides and materials I’ve made as well as a sample logo development package.

Writing Workshop and Public Art: I also do workshop development and facilitation and have worked in public and installation art!

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Also see the website of my developing experimental design practice, design for no one, where I explore relationality, pluriversality and pedagogy in a degrowth context.