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[accordion][accordion_item title=”Hello! My name is Gabe.”]& I am a graphic designer.

Underneath it all, what makes something work and what do those elements mean?
Can we make and develop something like it for ourselves?

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phone. (780) 803 2591[/accordion_item][/accordion][accordion][accordion_item title=”work. teurastamo, typography & poster”][column type=”one-third”]HelsinkiNightMarket_Print_MocKup[/column][column type=”two-thirds” last=”true”]HelsinkiNightMarket_SampleType_
Teurastamo is a food incubator/catalyst for food culture in Helsinki. Once a large butcher centre and abattoir, most of the buildings were converted into restaurant spaces and multi-use rooms. To further the use of the spaces into the evening, a night market was produced. The history of the space was central to the design. From a small directory of the original floor plan, a custom typeface was made from the original hand lettered sample. It was then taken into a bold weight and used on the poster. To highlight the type yet to also evoke the night, a simple use of type printed with high gloss varnish on black paper was used. Initially and in somewhat ironic fashion, the varnish was supposed to be glow in the dark ink, but because of the near-midnight sun in Helsinki at the time of the festival, it was discovered that it wouldn’t have worked.
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Edmonton holds North America’s largest Fringe Theatre Festival by attendance; something that I find indicative of the experimental nature of the city. I was asked to do the highly visible campaign poster for a few years which was truly a great honour. From the poster, the elements of the system are broken apart and used on everything to tie the festival together. From the program to the signage, little is untouched by the yearly theme. For Fringeopolis, a custom typeface of futuristic buildings was made. A great use of the elements was when they were hand painted onto the ground to mark the many busker stations.[/column][line][column type=”one-third”]FWL11X17_PROOF[/column][column type=”one-third”]Fringe2012_11x17_print[/column][column type=”one-third” last=”true”]Other campaigns were “From Fringe with Love” which was inspired by old James Bond movies and the prevalence of one man shows in experimental theatre. “Village of the Fringed” used a custom typeface and built specifically on a radial grid.

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